Rolling right into Agenda & instantly I run into some homies… Andrew Reynolds, Biggie & Alpfonzo Rawls.

“Union Wheels” – Andrew Reynolds

Young Biggie!

“Union Wheels” – Alphonso Rawls

Hick-Ups & Tacos!

“Untitled” – Jeremy Klein – Birdhouse Skateboards

It’s incredible! Everything is so clear now… 6D Arnette‘s!

Skate tidbit: Chris “Sarge” Carter was the G&S Team Manager whom I sent my “Sponsor Me” (VHS) video back in the late 80′s. He hooked me up on the AM team. This was when I was a little dirty 12-13 year old skate rat. Sometime after we finished filming “Footage” G&S video. Sarge left G&S to form the Sovereign Sect of Alien Workshop with brilliant artist Mike Hill & legendary Pro’s Neil Blender, Steve Claar & with the raw talent of Rob Dyrdek, Diane Petri, Scott Conklin, Bo Turner, Thomas Morgan & John Pryor. (basically half the AM team from G&S) I was asked to be one of the original AM team riders but I was really hesitant due to the fact that they were going to run it from Ohio. G&S at the time was basically a few miles away from my home in Mira Mesa (San Diego, Ca.) just off Miramar Rd. & it was already an established company globally with a couple decades or so under its belt. Eventually I turned Pro for G&S in 1991. During the winter school year of 91 upon returning home my dad said Tony Hawk called who at the time was riding for Powell Peralta aka elite Bones Brigade & wanted to jump ship & start his own skateboard brand with business partner & freestyle legend Per Welinder. In 1992 Birdhouse Projects was established with Anthony Frank Hawk, influential street styling, candy eating Jeremy Klein & myself as the Pro’s. Steve Berra “A.T.V.” ripper as AM & the rest is history… Birdhouse Skateboards since day “ONE!”

Gordon & Smith – Footage (1990) by alfredovids
“Footage” – G&S

“Memory Screen” – Alien Workshop

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