March 8, 2016

Casual Camo Guy…

Brandon Turner & I… Transplants from Japan & Philippines rolling at Chicano Park San Diego. God bless America.

“Guilty” – Shorty’s Brandon Turner

Years of inspiration here with these fellas… Kein Lieu, me, Jamie Thomas, Alphonso Rawls & Stevie Cab at La Bodega Gallery.

“Seven steps to Heaven” – Maple Skateboards – Kein Lieu

“Chomp On THIS” – Jamie Thomas

“Next Generation” – H-Street – Alphonso Rawls

Steve Caballero at age 14 Skateboarding

LiL Wee meets Jamie Mousberg.

Casual Camo Guy…

AWESOME Street Fighter Chalk Art!

March 3, 2016



“Everything was AWESOME!”

“In the still of the night…” Nolan Lively, Eddie Martinez, me & Josh Parker Photo by Tim Hardy

“In the Still of the Night” – Fred Parris and The Satins

The Birdman!

Skateboarding Allowed…

“I Wonder If I Take You Home” – Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam

“Head To Toe” – Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam

“Lost In Emotion” – Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam