August 18, 2014


Street chomping posse Willy, Jr., Isaiah Reyes & Cloie Negos | Photo by Mario Negos | Filming for “Filipinos Come Home” Project.

Imagine if you could Ollie 45 inches & be officially recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records… The homie Aldrin Garcia really made it come true! | Filming for “Filipinos Come Home” Project.


Aldrin Garcia and Mark McCoy

The street chompers & film crew. Maraming salamat ladies & gents… Great crew & goodtimes filming for “Filipinos Come Home” Project.

How to Pack for 1 Night

Is Megalodon real? Shark Week debunked

Killer Whale Vs Great White shark

August 13, 2014

Stand Up

Meanwhile… Back in 1995 Geoff Rowley demonstrates how the Brits prefer to do a reverse peace sign with a crispy new set-up & always ready to rip. Geoff is tough as NAILS!!!

Geoff Rowley – 411VM Issue 30 – Also features Rune Glifberg and Tom Penny.

The joys of skateboarding & kids… A demo for Mr. Benavidez class of 1st & 2nd graders with the help of Mike Paek & my daughter.

B/S Tailslide in #liwliwa “Take Over” Part II San Felipe, Zambales, Philippines | Thank you @bluntmagazineph Photo by @gab_sarmiento

Nick winning my Birdhouse Animals deck at Arnette HQ.

Thank you for all the joys you have brought to millions of people. RIP Robin Williams | “Popeye” I Yam What I Yam | circa 1980

Robin Williams – Stand Up