July 1, 2015


@escapistskate @dyjaha taken from the vault #birdhouseskateboards “THE END” VHS… I’m pretty sure it was even a white tape original version. #birdhousegoesmidwest Tour KC stop.

Birdhouse Skateboards “The End” – 1998

Warren G – Regulate ft. Nate Dogg

Bunny hop in the sunny skies of Encinitas. Photo by Tim Hardy

The 1st time I met Dan Rogers I was 13 years old skating Mira Mesa High School. Dan just moved from Iowa jumping off everything & ripping. That weekend he asked if I wanted to skate Tijuana with him & his posse. I remember for some reason a bunch of kids were throwing bottles at me. Luckily they didn’t hit me & Dan was my guardian. We’ve been friends ever since. To this day… I don’t know how I even convinced my parents it was okay to go to TJ with Dan… This photo was taken somewhere in the summer of Europe 1997 tour.

TransWorld Skateboarding “Interface” – Dan Rogers circa 1997

I Am Chris Farley Trailer Documentary

June 28, 2015


A sea of spectators & handy cams via @jacobrosenberg Back to the City 1992 or was 1993 contest? I forget… Yours truly Backside Flip.

411VM – SF Back to the City Comp 93

Thank you Toy Boarders for the care package. My kids are going to have a blast. In the meantime I will have the fun… Check it out www.toyboarders.com

I just watched this recently & I give it 10. Check it out & see for yourself… Interstellar.

One of my all-time favorite tricks: Backside Lipslide from #birdhousegoesmidwest 2014 summer tour Michigan stop. Thanks for the pic @illum74

Drone racing…