September 15, 2014


Made in the Philippines…

Ronaldinho & Messi… Two Legends

Follow @koolmoeleo on Instagram for some rad skate nostalgia. Photo by Atiba Jefferson circa 1999

“Class of 2000″ Bones Bearings video

Working on a little somethin’ somethin’ with Nick Lamm at the PQ Skatepark. | Photo by Tim Hardy

Where Are They Now? from Steve Cutts on Vimeo.


Mike Tyson Knockouts Collection

September 13, 2014


Emailed to Jeremy & texted to me… technology. Thanks for the memories @afrisby 1st Birdhouse Skateboards 1993 Summer Tour across America with Tony Hawk, Jeremy Klein, Willy Santos, Steve Berra & Dom Kekich.

“Ravers” Birdhouse Skateboards – Tony Hawk

“Ravers” Birdhouse Skateboards – Jeremy Klein

“Ravers” Birdhouse Skateboards – Willy Santos

“Disturbed” Tracker Trucks – Steve Berra ( As you can see after watching this… It would of been Steve’s Birdhouse part. Sometime after the tour Steve quit Birdhouse & around 1996 or 1997 him & Heath Kirchart returned back to Birdhouse. )

Birdhouse Skateboards postcard with Jeremy Klein & I. I’m pretty sure this was somewhere Minnesota.

Moments In Asia – iPhone 5s 120fps from Markus Kontiainen on Vimeo.

Moments in Asia…

After knowing you for over 14 years. I couldn’t be more stoked and happy for you Taylor. Thanks for including us on such a special day, congratulations to you & Megan! To a blissful marriage.

“OVERdose” – Taylor Orman 2010 by Cameron Sanchez

99 Red Balloons – played with Red Balloons by Andrew Huang